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Surge Protection

Have you ever wondered how a power surge can cause damage? Or where power surges come from? Or how you can protect your property from power surges? An electrical surge is a short burst of excessive, unwanted energy on a circuit. If not suppressed, it can destroy electrical equipment. Thunderstorms are one cause of power surges. Lightning strikes nearby, causing the power to cut out for a moment, and then return with a surge. But afterwards you may experience the following problem: when you try to switch on the TV or computer, it doesn’t seem to work. In the United States alone, power surges are responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars of property damage every year. While lightning strikes are the most well-known source, the majority of electrical surges are actually caused by the motors and compressors in refrigerators, air conditioners and other household equipment. When these systems start and stop, an electrical surge is created – resulting in potential damages to your home’s electrical items and appliances. Surge Protection Devices (SPDs), combined with a good grounding system, should protect your electronic and electrical appliances from most electrical surges. An SPD does not suppress or arrest a surge; it actually diverts the surge to the ground. Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) can protect particular appliances in your home, but a more comprehensive approach to surge protection is to combine point-of-use devices with another device, like a “service entrance surge protector” or an electrical panel surge protector. By installing two tiers of surge protection, you’ll be able to protect your home from all but the most powerful surges. Power surge protection services include these features: Transient voltage surge suppression Available in both single and multiple power outlets Easy installation and minimum maintenance Automatic power shut down whenever the device reaches its maximum capacity of protection Bright indicators to inform you about the status of power supply as well as to alarm you when the voltage is out-of-control We are fully licensed and we offer: 24 Hour Emergency Service Free Estimates & Warranty Job Clean-up Satisfaction Guarantee Quality Workmanship Up Front Pricing Free Home Inspection Friendly, Courteous and Dependable Service Consult an electrician for further advice on how to install a service entrance surge suppression device. To learn more about our surge protection, contact us at (403) 406-9099.

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Electrical Panels

Every home has a service panel that distributes electricity to switches, outlets, and appliances. The service panel is usually found in the basement, garage, or utility area. An electrical service panel is the main distribution center of your house’s electricity. Electrical panels are boxes that house circuit breakers or fuses, which are safety devices that stop the electrical current if it exceeds the safe level for some portion of the home’s electrical system. There are many reasons for upgrading your main electrical service and panel. Older main service panels often have limitations on available space, so there is no room to add additional circuits. Or they may still have fuses. Some old panels have had circuits added,but are maxed out with no ability to grow to meet the needs of the home. Many old panels are of inferior quality, and they simply stop working and need to be replaced. An electric service upgrade is often recommended or required in order to increase the capacity of the existing electrical service. Turner On Construction is an expert in upgrading or installing new Electrical Panel. Our Services Include:

  • Service Upgrades
  • Meter Base Repairs
  • Meter Base Replacements
  • Service Mast Repairs
  • Replace Weather Head
  • New Grounding Systems
  • Whole House Surge Protection Devices
  • Label Household Circuits on Existing Panels
  • Sub Panels
We are fully licensed and we offer:
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Free Estimates & Warranty
  • Job Clean-up
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Up Front Pricing
  • Free Home Inspection
  • Friendly, Courteous and Dependable Service
When you need an electrical service panel upgrade to accommodate more branch circuits or replace an outdated electrical service, look no further…call us (403) 406-9099.

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Bathroom Remodeling

Is your bathroom outdated or is it full of old, damaged tiles and chipped or cracked fixtures? Then it’s time you consider renovating your bathroom. You use your bathroom on a regular basis, so if your current space isn’t serving your functional or aesthetic needs, it’s time to consider investing in renovations. Bathroom remodeling is a great way to not only create a beautiful new bath with the latest colors and features, it is also a great way to add value to your home. Our Bathroom remodeling ranges from a simple makeover to a complete remodel by removing the old bath back down to the studs. We can replace rotten wood in old shower and tub areas or change your bath layout completely. No matter your price range or your choice of materials, Turner On Construction will provide you with high quality, superior workmanship. Bathroom remodeling services are: • Installation of Tiles/ Bathroom Cabinets • Granite Counter Top Installation • Custom Bathtub/Shower Installation • Plumbing/Electrical/Bathroom Vanity We offer an all-inclusive bathroom remodeling package that will take care of projects of virtually any size, all with one point of contact and one phone number to call! From cabinets to tile…from bathroom fixtures to shower doors… from plumbing to painting… and from basic to cutting-edge luxury, we’ve got you covered. You’ll benefit from our: • Attention to detail • Reasonable rates • Easy and reliable scheduling Your own private retreat…don’t you deserve it? Your satisfaction and all projects are fully guaranteed. From simple updates to a complete bathroom tear-out and re-build, we can do it all! Why delay further? Call us at (403) 406-9099 today! Your bathroom remodel can be done according to your wishes, from fixture installation to entire renovations.

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Why You Need GCFI Outlets

Have you ever wondered why bathroom outlets are different from the outlets in your living room? Have you ever noticed the button on the outlet? Have you ever needed to push that button to get power back to the outlet? Or maybe your older home doesn’t have these special outlets yet. GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. A GFCI outlet is an electrical outlet with an extra line of defense to protect from accidental electrocution. A ground fault occurs when a live electrical wire touches a metal outlet box or a ground wire, and electricity escapes. “Ground Fault” means that this type of receptacle, or outlet as they are more commonly known, can detect if electrical current escapes from the intended flow. “Circuit Interrupter” means that this type of electrical outlet will trigger an automatic shutoff switch (or reset switch)within the circuit flow to protect you from any escaping electricity. When a GFCI outlet detects a difference in the amount of energy passing through and returning back to the device, it immediately removes electricity from the circuit to prevent a hazardous condition. Let us say it in simple words: If the electrical system is working properly, then the GFCI reset switch remains “on” or in the open position indefinitely. It is only when the GFCI outlet detects a loss of current (meaning electricity has found an alternate path, say through to your wet hands while using that hairdryer in the bathroom)that the GFCI switches “off” in a matter of milliseconds — to shutoff the flow of electricity and save your life by preventing you from being electrocuted. GFI’S are required in the following locations: Kitchens Bathrooms Garages Outdoors Near water When replacing 2 prong receptacles that have no separate ground wire If your GFCI outlet continues to trip, then you may have a short or a defective GFCI outlet. It is a good idea for you to contact a licensed electrician to address the problem for you. We are fully licensed and we offer: 24 Hour Emergency Service Free Estimates & Warranty Job Clean-up Satisfaction Guarantee Quality Workmanship Up Front Pricing Free Home Inspection Friendly, Courteous and Dependable Service If you already have GFCI outlets in these specific areas of your home but they are not working properly, call our expert electricians at (403) 406-9099 for immediate electrical repair.

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Commercial Electric Work

Recessed lighting can highlight specific areas in a room or accentuate decorative elements. Since the lights are hidden, the ceiling lines are not broken and your rooms feel more open and spacious. Recessed lights are usually used by architects and interior designers in rooms where the residents aim for a relaxed and soothing lighting effect. Recessed lighting offers a flush, streamlined look for home lighting. Recessed lighting can amplify the amount of ambient light, accentuate artwork, wallpaper, or shelving, and open up spaces so they look and feel bigger. “Electrician”‘s Recessed lights are: Cost efficient Easy to Install Functional Customizable Out of the Way Our Recessed Lighting Services Include: New Recessed Locations Replacing Existing Lighting With New Lighting Re-lamp Services Retrofit Existing Fixtures LED Fixtures Compact Fluorescent Fixtures Low Voltage Halogen Fixtures Dimmers Pendant Lights Kitchen Renovations Bathroom Renovations We are fully licensed and we offer: 24 Hour Emergency Service Free Estimates & Warranty Job Clean-up Satisfaction Guarantee Quality Workmanship Up Front Pricing Free Home Inspection Friendly, Courteous and Dependable Service If you’re looking for a quality job without outrageous prices, contact us today at (403) 406-9099.

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